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And what those treatments look like

Dermal fillers inserted in to the face for augmentation for a more defined structure and replacing loss of volume


Pure Hyaluronic Acid injected into the skin to treat skin laxity and to biostimulate the skin



Fat Dissolving

Lipolysis for targeted fat reduction. Removes the fat cell membrane causing it to break down.

Fat dissolving.jpg


A Neurotoxin injected into specific muscles causing them to relax which helps relieve the wrinkle lines created by our daily expressions which become static and deeper over time

Tear Trough

Dermal Filler

PDO Threads

Polymer threads inserted into the skin to encourage collagen production. These come in different forms, the mono thread which is smooth and Cog threads that are barbed designed for lifting sagging areas of the face and neck. Mono threads can be used in various areas of the body as well as the face

lash lift.jpg


soft gel_edited.jpg

Brows & Lashes

A range of services provided for brows and lashes from a simple brow shape to waxing to tinting and even lash lifts and brow laminations. Lash lifts are a great alternative to extensions as it provides results for 4-6 weeks without the heavy upkeep cost. Brow laminations are ideal if you aren't quite ready for SPMU as they provide beautiful shape and fullness.

Service Name

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