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Fat Dissolving

Fat dissolving is a great way to help shift those stubborn areas. Sometimes it doesn't matter if we use the gym daily, eat healthily etc there sometimes just remains areas of our body where the fat cells do not break down. Fat dissolving injections using Lipo Lab go straight to the source of the problem. The ppc solution breaks down the membrane of the fat cell meaning that it cannot reproduce or grow and is in fact broken down to a form which our body absorbs and expels through the natural processes within our bodies and passed out through our urine. The number of sessions required for each person will differ as some may be wanting to remove more than others. This is not a weight loss alternative but can be combined with a weight loss programme and healthy eating to achieve great results. There are vast areas in which these can be utilised, face, chin, arms, stomach, back and legs. Please contact me today to discuss how they could work for you.

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